Establishing a shop


An entrepreneur is a natural person that is registered and performs all activities set forth by the law, including art and old trades and traditional handicrafts for the purpose of making profit.


Starting from 01.01.2006, registration of entrepreneurs is done by the Agency for Business Registers. All applications (foundation, deletion, changes) can be submitted to the Agency for Business Registers – Organizational Unit in Kraljevo.


41 Cara Dusana Street,

Telephone+381 (0) 36 326 999

With the application for registration, the following documents are to be submitted:

  • identity proof (ID card or passport photocopy),
  • proof of registration fee payment in the amount of 1200.00 RSD.

For establishment of a partnership shop: registration application for establishment signed by all founders/partners, photocopy of ID cards or passports of all founders/partners as identity proof. Registration fee in the amount of 1200.00 RSD is to be paid to the bank account no. 840-29771845-59, reference number 04. Beneficiary is the Agency for Business Registers.

Activities that require consent from the authority organ as a precondition for registration:

  • Health care activities (surgeries, pharmacies, clinics),
  • Veterinary surgeries,
  • Agriculture pharmacies,
  • Taxi services,
  • Arms and ammunition trade,
  • Activity of general interest and utility activities,
  • Insurance representation jobs,
  • Bankruptcy manager jobs.

Upon receiving the decision on registration, one needs to submit an application for Tax Identification Number (TIN).

TIN is assigned by the Tax Administration Center. The application is submitted through the Tax Administration Branch in Kraljevo.


41 Cara Dusana Street

Former SDK Building

– booth 13

Telephone+381 (0) 36-302-327 

Documents required for submission of a TIN assignment application:

  • Form PR-2 (received at the Tax Administration),
  • Decision on registration and
  • Master/registration number.


Documents required for opening a current account in a commercial bank:

  • application for account opening,
  • Decision on registration (copy),
  • Extract from tax register (TIN copy),
  • Verified signature of persons authorized for representation (OP form),
  • Specimen signatures of persons authorized to sign orders (bank form) and
  • Proof of administrative fee payment.

Register of insurees and beneficiaries of the rights from health, pension and disability insurance.

Data for registration are submitted in the parent branch in Kraljevo.

Required documents:

  • Decision on registration,
  • Application for insurance (form M-1) and
  • Healthcare booklet.









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