Deputy Mayor


He was born 04.04.1977. in Podgorica.
Primary school “Jovo Kursula”, gymnasium (natural-mathematical direction) and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (basic studies) graduated from Kraljevo and obtained the title of mechanical engineer.
He won the poetry award “Bogdan Mrvoš” (2009), awarded by the Royal Literary Club Kraljevo for young poets. He worked at the Royal Theater at the scene of an inspiration for the drama and chief of the technique of the service, and acted for twenty years.
He was elected twice as a councilor in the City Assembly of Kraljevo.
The function of Assistant Mayor of Kraljevo, in charge of sports and youth, was performed in the period 2009-2010. years.
The function of Deputy Mayor of Kraljevo, he performed in the period 2010-2012. years.
He was Assistant Mayor of the City of Kraljevo for work and development of local communities and youth issues in the period from 2013-2015. years.
He currently works at PU “Olga Jovičić -Rita” Kraljevo.

He lives in Kraljevo.
He is married to his wife Maria and has a son Vojin.


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