Kraljevo is a city in the central part of Serbia, in the Raska Distric


The city of Kraljevo occupies the area of 1,529 km². It is located at 190-208 m altitude, at the confluence of the Ibar river into the West Morava, from Sumadija mountains (Kotlenik) up to the Kopaonk group of mountains (Zeljin, Goc and Stolovi). On the west, it leans on mountain parts of the Pld Vlach (Jelica, Cemerno).
On the north, the city of Kraljevo borders with municipalities of Cacak, Knic, Kragujevac and Rekovac, with municipalities Trstenik, Vrnjacka Spa and Aleksinac on the east, with the municipality of Raska on the south and with Ivanjica and Lucani on the west.


According to the 2011 census, 125.488 citizens live in Kraljevo, of which 61.585 men and 63.903 women. Median age of the citizens is 41,9 years. 54,8% of citizens live in urban areas and 45,2% live in suburban areas.

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