City position

Позиција града

Kraljevo is found in the middle part of Serbia and occupies space around the lower course of the River Ibar and part of the middle course of the West Morava river, covering space of 1530 km2. Natural crossroad of land and water ways of Central Serbia, the territory of the city of Kraljevo represents a cradle of Serbian state and culture. It reached its highest significance in the Middle Ages, what numerous historical monuments, and above all Zica and Studenica and the Maglic Fortress, testify about.

Borders of the city of Kraljevo are Cacak, Knic, Kragujevac and Rekovac in the north, Trstenik, Vrnjacka Spa and Aleksinac in the east, Raska in the south and Ivanjica and Lucani in the west. The middle part  of the city is located on foundations of the Ibar terrace 203 – 208 m high, while edge areas are on different relief elements. The city of Kraljevo is in the West Morava area that provides natural and economic possibilities. Pit planes and the lowest valley parts are suitable for crop farming, meadow-stockbreeding and truck farming. Unplowed upland on hillsides and river valleys is mostly featured by forest wealth and mountain stockbreeding. Of special significance are ore deposits, hydropower potentials and tourist attractions.

Traffic location of the city of Kraljevo is very favorable. In the west-east direction, it is cut by the wide fertile valley of the West Morava . Major rail and land communications run through this valley. From Kraljevo towards the east, a railroad and a road lead in the direction of Kragujevac and further down the Great Morava valley. A railroad of international impotrance – Belgrde-Nis-Skopje, i.e. Nis-Sofia-Istanbul, goes through these valleys. In the west direction, towards Cacak, the city of Kraljevo connects to the main road and rail route Belgrade-Bar. In that direction, through Priboj and Rudo, leads a traffic connection with Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the west.


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